Jun 18 2008

Laying Down The Law

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In the last post, external intelligent design (theory C) was proven to be correct, that “All living things function according to a design established by intelligence other than its own.” The theory of evolution had been thoroughly debunked because nothing exists randomly and lawlessly in our universe as evolution itself requires. The theory of internal intelligent design was also thoroughly debunked because no living thing can conceptualize and construct itself according to its own intelligence. Since external intelligent design is the only theory proven true, we must now move forward to identify and study the nature of this external intelligence.

Before we do so it is important to understand what the underlying conflict between “evolution” and intelligent design is in the first place. First, it must be noted that although true evolution – living organisms created at random and without law – does not exist, clever evolution proponents are well aware of this and attempt to deceive the public by repackaging the theory of internal intelligent design under the name “evolution,” because calling their theory by its proper name of internal intelligent design does not fit their ideological agenda. For this reason I will contain the word “evolution” in quotation marks. The attempt to rename internal intelligent design as “evolution” does not change the fact that this theory is still defined as “all living things function according to a design established by its own intelligence,” or Theory B from the last posting. With this in mind, the battle between “evolution” (internal intelligent design) and external intelligent design has a single issue at heart: the origin of law.

Under “evolution” a life form itself is the source and creator of its own laws; it is its own authority and is accountable only to itself. It exists as a law unto itself in a state of perpetual truth with no possibility of falseness. That which dictates its own laws can never be in violation of them, because it would simply change its law to accommodate new desires, actions and functions. Thus, “evolutionary” life forms must exist in a state of perpetual truth and function, without possibility of error or dysfunction.

Under external intelligent design, a life form lives according to laws established by an external intelligence and therefore has no authority to create its own laws or alter its design. It is accountable to the authority of the external intelligence that created it. This life form is functional when obedient to the laws established for it and dysfunctional when disobedient, and therefore can exist in a state of either true or false according to its adherence or violation of intelligent design laws.

By exposing this battle’s underlying issue, it is much easier to recognize the motivation behind the conflict. Because “evolution” (internal intelligent design) persistently proves false by every scientific measure, there must be some reason why this falsehood continues to be promoted as fact in all areas of academia. It turns out there is a very obvious reason for the collective support and advancement of the theory of “evolution,” that we are somehow responsible for creating ourselves. The reason is because if we created ourselves, then we also get to create the laws we live by and are accountable only to ourselves. If we did not create ourselves, then we do not get to create the laws we live by, and we are subject to pre-established, immutable laws whether we like it or not. It’s as simple as that. The latter notion strikes fear into the heart of any self-interested individual (or group) with designs to establish himself as an authority and subject his fellow man to his own version of law. His ability to do so would be obstructed by society’s uniform acknowledgement that inalienable laws established by external intelligence supersede and invalidate all authority and legislation originated by man. Because “evolution” proponents are self-interested* in this manner, they recognize that a logical concept like external intelligent design with its fixed, indestructible laws is a tremendous threat and therefore must be mocked mercilessly and silenced by force. This is indeed the picture of the “evolution” vs. intelligent design battle as it is being waged today. (*The specifics of the self-interest of “evolution” proponents will be discussed in a future posting.)

Thus, the battle of “evolution” vs. intelligent design has been reduced to what it really is: a disagreement over the origin of law. The main obstruction to this conflict’s resolution is that although science wholly rejects evolution and sustains external intelligent design as fact, most scientists steadfastly reject external intelligent design out of self-interest and fraudulently assert “evolution” as fact in order to establish a “scientific” basis whereby man is entitled to originate law.

Now that the underlying conflict has been exposed as a battle between an internal or external origin of law, let’s move on to study the possible source(s) of external intelligent design.

First, is there any form of external intelligence (intelligence independent of all living and non-living things) already acknowledged by science? Yes – the universe. Many prominent scientists and physicists 1 have recognized that the universe itself is an establishment of physical laws – also referred to as universal laws, scientific principles, and natural laws – which laws are immutable and can be rendered or expressed mathematically or in mathematical equations. Have these scientists correctly designated the universe as intelligent? Yes. From that which is least intelligent to that which is most intelligent, intelligence is defined as the ability to distinguish between, express, or manifest true and false. The universe intelligently manifests true and false in the language of mathematics. The universe is the source of all truth, which is why it is the universe that manifests to us what is true and what is false, and not the other way around. Truth is interchangeable with universal law, so this same statement can read: the universe is the source of all law, which is why it is the universe that manifests to us what is law, and not the other way around. Thus the victor in the battle is evident: the origin of law is external. The reason why we, as human beings, cannot originate law upon the universe is because the intelligence of the universe is fundamentally different than the intelligence of human beings. Because the universe is made up of two different things – its immutable laws and its physical components – it also contains two different types of intelligence – static and active.

Static Intelligence

Static intelligence is the unchanging, immutable truth of the universe which cannot be created nor destroyed. Static intelligence is mathematics – the source of truth for all numbers, equations, functions, and shapes, and their relationships and properties. Because static intelligence is mathematical truth, anything in conflict with this intelligence is, by default, false. Such intelligence is all-encompassing which is why all things in the universe can be expressed in mathematical equations, and why all things in the universe are subject to math-based physical laws. Static intelligence is the most authoritative form of intelligence.

Active Intelligence

Active intelligence is everything that exists in the universe as a particular form of either energy or matter (stored energy). While energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed, organisms made up of matter can. Each form of active intelligence from the most complex organism (human beings) to the least non-living element (atoms or elementary particles) all function according to pre-established intelligent design laws based on static intelligence. Active intelligence exists in a state of either true or false, depending on whether intelligent design laws are obeyed or violated. If it is in accordance with static laws, it will express true, on, functional, ordered, enduring, constructive or living. If it is in violation, it will be false, off, dysfunctional, disordered, degenerate, self-destructive or dying/dead. Living forms of active intelligence can recognize occurrences of intelligent design violations to the degree they have been designed, which are made manifest by pain, illness, dysfunction, disorder, disease, death, etc. The highest known form of active intelligence – human beings – also possesses the greatest power to determine whether or not to adhere to intelligent design laws. This power is called agency, or liberty. Active intelligence is dynamic; its intelligence can grow or decline according to the dictates of its intelligent design. The amount of intelligence a life form has is dependent upon its recognition and application of static intelligence. The more it is able to comprehend and apply static intelligence, the more intelligent it becomes. The less able it is to comprehend and apply static intelligence, the less intelligent it is. Active intelligence is the most powerful form of intelligence.

This may not be something readers are readily familiar with, so let’s list the differences in compact, bullet-point style:

Static Intelligence

- Static, unchanging

- Universal

- Intangible

- Mathematics

- Truth (because it is truth, false is defined by default – binary)

- Highest authority

Active Intelligence

- Dynamic, changing

- Local

- Tangible

- Applied mathematics/laws

- Energy or matter

- Can sustain/obey or reject/violate laws, exhibit and render true or false

- Greatest power

The fact that intelligence exists in separate and distinct forms of static or active further demonstrates the external origin of law. The reason that we, as human beings, cannot originate (physical) law is because we, as active intelligences, have no authority to do so. The authority to dictate true and false lies solely with the static intelligence of the universe. On the other hand, the static intelligence of the universe has no power to create anything of itself or manifest itself in any physical form, and therefore cannot express true and false unless there exists a separate, active intelligence to render such an expression. Thus the basic, foundational construct of the universe is that authority is separate from power and power is separate from authority, but at the same time they are united in a condition of perfect equality. Static authority and active power are equivalent because of their equal interdependence upon each other – truth requires a static origin and an active acknowledgement in order for it to exist as complete truth (or law). The active acknowledgement of truth is otherwise known as a witness, a confirmation, or declaration of truth. The seemingly contradictory nature of this universal ’separation of powers’ construct is that while separate, authority without power is nothing and power without authority is nothing – but when united, the capacity for creation is limitless. Therefore these two things, the authority of static intelligence and the power of active intelligence must be separate but united at the same time in order for anything to exist.

Like all truth in the universe, this construct – or pattern – is universally applicable to all things from micro to macro. If the universe is macro (the extremely large) and human beings are micro (the extremely small), we as active intelligences must understand how this construct applies to ourselves. Before we do so, let us first examine the active intelligence in the universe.

Forms of Active Intelligence

Active Intelligence has two forms, elemental and organismic.

Elemental active intelligence is energy and matter at its foundational level such as atomic elements and elementary particles (matter and force particles having no known substructure, which make up the atomic elements and forces of the universe such as gravity and electromagnetic force (quarks, gravitons (theoretical), photons, etc.)). The atomic elements can change into other elements according to the dictates of intelligent design laws, and are therefore complex organisms themselves, but their basic structures cannot be created or destroyed (matter and energy are interchangeable but cannot cease to exist).

Organismic active intelligence is a living or non-living compilation of elemental active intelligence, an organism made of matter that has been designed to function in a certain way. The actual organization and function of this type of active intelligence can be created or destroyed, but not the elemental active intelligence it is made up of. If it is destroyed it will return to an elemental, disorganized state from which it was created.

The reason why the distinction between elemental active intelligence and organismic active intelligence must be made is because of the organizational properties of the latter. How can active intelligence go from one form – basic energy and matter that cannot be created or destroyed, to another completely different form – complex organisms that can live or die, function or malfunction? Which kind of intelligence is responsible for the intelligent design and construction of organisms, and establishes the laws by which it can malfunction or die? Is static intelligence responsible for this organization or is active intelligence?

Were we created by static or active intelligence?

Let us first consider whether static intelligence could possibly be responsible for life creation. Using common logic, can static intelligence such as mathematics create anything of itself? No. Because static intelligence is authority and not power, it does not possess organizational capabilities. The static, mathematical laws of music cannot organize themselves into Beethoven’s 9th symphony. An active intelligence such as Beethoven is required to organize the symphony using the math-based laws of music which static intelligence provides. Since an active intelligence is always responsible for organization because organization is power, it is logical to hypothesize that there must exist an external active intelligence responsible for organizing the form and function of all living and non-living things.

Let us now make the assumption that active intelligence is responsible for our creation. Since static intelligence cannot create anything and organisms cannot create themselves, logically there must exist an external active intelligence responsible for the creation of living and non-living organisms. This intelligence must be familiar with all mathematical truth provided by static intelligence, and have the ability to construct all organisms according to math-based physical laws. This type of active intelligence is more commonly known as a Creator, a Supreme Being, a Deity, or a God.

It is a common opinion in the realm of science that the existence of a Creator or God cannot be scientifically proven, and perhaps this opinion is so deeply rooted and often repeated that most scientists do not bother to challenge it. But just because it is popular to think something can’t be done doesn’t mean that it can’t. The binary nature of our universe tells us that all things are expressed in terms of absolute true and false, there is no “maybe” or “sometimes” or “I’m the universe, and I’m not going to tell you” nonsense. It is simply a matter of hypothesizing, testing and proving what we think may be true against what the universe actually expresses to be true through our testing processes. To receive an expression of either true or false, one must understand the language of the universe: mathematics. As was written before, the universe has provided a way by which any statement can be determined to be true or false: if it is true, then it is true, on, functional, ordered, constructive, or living, and if it is false, then it is false, off, dysfunctional, disordered, self-destructive or dying/dead. Mathematical statements such as 1 + 1 = 2 are true, useful and valid, and endure in the universe because they are functional and ordered. Anything created according to true laws are likewise functional, ordered and enduring. Statements such as 1 + 1 = 5 are false, useless, and invalid, and do not endure in the universe because they exist in opposition to truth and are dysfunctional and disordered. Anything created according to false laws are likewise dysfunctional, disordered and will ultimately self-destruct.

Instead of listening to the opinion of scientists on the matter of the possible existence of God, let us ask the universe which is the source of all truth, in the language of mathematics, if God exists. If all things are subject to physical laws, then that means if man were to question the existence of a Supreme Being or Creator, he must look no further than natural law. Somewhere in the realm of science there must exist a natural law requiring the existence of a Creator, a law which would also describe the exact nature of this Creator, which would allow this Creator to be identified, studied, tested, and proven. If such a law could be found to exist, it would be the greatest scientific discovery in the history of the world.

Luckily for us, the greatest scientific discovery in the history of the world has already been made. The discovery of this law happened two hundred and thirty two years ago by a group of rebellious revolutionaries on the North American continent, who ingeniously established this law as the foundation of a new experimental nation with these five words:

“All men are created equal.”

Since 1776, the United States has held within its founding Declaration the world’s most important scientific discovery: the universal mathematical formula of God, man, government and law. This discovery was so advanced that its mathematical significance has evaded every scientist, intellectual, philosopher and layman for the past two centuries. The reason it has heretofore gone unnoticed by science is because it has not been correctly identified as what it really is: a physical law. Contrary to popular belief, this declaration is a natural, universal law in the exact same manner as E = mc2 or 1 + 1 = 2. The Founders of America knew this, which is why it is preceded with the words, “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” A self-evident truth is quite obviously the same as universal law, a law which is manifest in all areas of human behavior and can be studied, tested and proven for truth. Because of the self-interested conflict between “evolution” and intelligent design (the battle over the origin of law), scientists and others have asserted that some universal truths exist absolutely and other “truths,” such as those concerning human morality, are authored by man exclusively. Only an “evolution” (internal intelligent design) proponent can be foolish enough to subscribe to this logical fallacy, that man can create truth in the same manner as the universe. Obviously, all truth is universal, fixed and mathematical; there cannot be absolute truths set by the universe and another class of temporary and relative truths set by man. If man is part of the universe and the universe exists by way of mathematical truth, then so must man (and all biological entities) exist by way of mathematical truth.

In this case, the founding law “All men are created equal” is a mathematical equation, and can therefore be scientifically tested and proven for truth. First, let’s break down this law into its basic components and their corresponding definitions:

All = Every subject to the exclusion of none

Men = all of mankind, male and female, human beings

Are = defined as, absolutely

Created = made by an external active intelligence, otherwise referred to as a Creator, God, Deity, Supreme Being

Equal = state of being equivalent, equally balanced. Mathematics: a statement, an equation that one thing equals another.

Now that the components have been defined, let’s study their mathematical arrangement in order to formulate the precise equation.

There are two subjects in this equation, man and Creator. Which of them mathematically comes first? If man was created, then mathematically the Creator comes first. The Creator then created man, which places man after the Creator, or second.

Creator, man

Now, are Creator and man equivalent or is one greater than the other? If man was made by the Creator and the Creator was not and cannot be made by man, then the Creator is superior to man, or greater than man.

Creator > man

Next, if the Creator created man, in what condition was man created? Is one man superior to another, or were they created equal? Man was created equal to man. After the law first describes the mathematical relationship of the Creator to man, it then appends the first law with a second law describing the mathematical relationship of man to man.

Creator > man and man = man

“Creator” is simply another name for Deity, Supreme Being, or God, and since this Creator must be an active intelligence, we will refer to this Creator as “God,” which more strongly implies active intelligence.

God > man and man = man

Last, what exactly does this formula describe? This formula is an expression or definition of universal human equality. Here is the statement in its entirety:

(God > man) and (man = man) = Equality

The law of equality expresses that the equality of man has been established by God, who is man’s superior. Herein lies the most astonishing characteristic of this law – that it is a description of God more than it is a description of man. From 1776 to the present, it has been generally accepted that the statement “All men are created equal” merely pertains to the equality of man, but in reality it is first and foremost a law establishing the existence and superiority of God above man. The preeminent law in this equation is that God exists and is superior to man. Secondary to this law is a law establishing the equality of man. This mathematical order is true because the second law is dependent upon the first, or in other words, the equality of man is dependent upon the existence and superiority of God.

What does the law of equality mean?

What does the law “God over man and man equal to man” instruct mankind to do? Assuming this law is true, it would be a universal description of mankind’s intelligent design, or the mathematical description of how man was designed to function. According to this natural law, since the preeminent and superior God created man as equals, then all of mankind would be legally required to maintain this order by first, placing the God of equality above all things and second, esteeming all men as equals. This would be the basic, fundamental intelligent design law established for man, whose function or malfunction would be determined by the obedience to or rejection of this law.

The first matter of business, now that the universal law of equality has been identified, is to test whether or not it is actually true. This testing is significant because if this law proves true, then it is unequivocal that a tangible, Supreme Being does exist by scientific measure, which would certainly revolutionize the scientific, religious, philosophical, social and political structure of the entire planet. The existence of an external active intelligence already has scientific support because the existence of life universally requires it, but a vague universal requirement for an external active intelligence is simply not enough to establish God as a scientific fact. It takes a testable, provable, natural law presented in the language of mathematics that describes the Creator in exact terms in order for the Creator to exist as a scientific fact. And now we have rediscovered such a law, which is poised to launch mankind across the threshold of the final frontier – toward the scientific and universal recognition of God.






1 “Even if there is only one possible unified theory, it is just a set of rules and equations. What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?”

- Stephen Hawking, Theoretical physicist, “A Brief History of Time,” page 174 (page 232 illustrated version)


“The Mathematical Universe Hypothesis”

- Max Tegmark, Cosmologist



“The universe is lawful…The universe can be expressed in the language of mathematics…the universe in a sense, corroborates or follows rules that can be expressed in the language of equations and theorems…”

- Quote attributed to Eugene Wigner, physicist and mathematician, Nobel laureate and author of “The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences” 1960, paraphrased by Dinesh D’Souza, “The Great Debate: Dinesh D’Souza v. Dr. Michael Shermer” 2007 Part A, (at approx 45% mark)



6:00 “[speaking about understanding universal phenomena] …The best way to progress…is to try to be as conservative …about the physical laws as possible in explaining the [universal] phenomena, if you continuously fail, then you gradually realize you’ve got to change something….Most of the time we succeed ultimately in explaining these damn things in terms of the known laws, but it’s the cases that fail that are the interesting ones.”

7:11 “Once I was thinking by analogy that there was a time in the 1900’s when the thought that the properties of substances were not physics. For example, they would be numbers – we would find a series of numbers – index of refraction, that was physics, but the number for the index, that glass had an index of 1.543 and so on, that salt had another index, that those numbers…would come from chemistry or something…they were at that time considered a separate branch. Then when the quantum mechanical understanding of the atoms was involved, then we could calculate all these properties and realize that all these numbers were really part of physics, and so properties of substances became a branch of physics whereas previously it was a sort of chemical branch. And I wondered by analogy…what today do we not consider part of physics, which will ultimately be a part of physics?”

- Richard Feynman, physicist, Nobel laureate

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNOghidK2TY (Robert Feynman “Feynman: Take the world from another point of view” speaking with Sir Fred Hoyle, astronomer and cosmologist – video posted by aaronsky12 May 10 2008)


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