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Sep 05 2008

Thy Liberty In Law: The Science of Government and Law

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The emergence of two newly rediscovered truths in the four previous posts completely revolutionizes all branches of scientific study and practice. First, it is a fact that all things in existence are intelligently designed, which establishes ordered law as the foundation of the universe. Second, it is also a fact that each ordered law can be expressed in the language of mathematics and authored into legible statements and formulas, as evidenced by the law of equality. In addition to these truths is a third and final truth which will ultimately reveal the complete design of the universe itself. The remaining element in a universe constructed of law is whether or not such laws are acknowledged (confirmed) and implemented (executed).

It is at this point where we begin to discover the role human beings have been designed to fill in this universe. Human beings differ from all other forms of active intelligence in that they are the only organisms capable of comprehending natural laws. From 1 + 1 = 2 to E=mc2, human beings are the only life forms endowed with the necessary intelligence to distinguish mathematical truth from that which is not mathematical truth. This capacity for judgment reveals in no uncertain terms that human beings were designed to comprehend, confirm, and execute all of the natural laws of the universe. The power to confirm and execute law is called agency, or liberty.

Liberty, like equality, is often cited but rarely understood. To understand the true principle of liberty, we must revisit the natural construct of the universe described in “Laying Down The Law,” which construct is the simultaneous separation and union of static and active intelligence. These two types of intelligence naturally divide the universe into two separate branches, with each branch providing a necessary element, or key, to the formation of law. Static intelligence provides authority; it is the branch which holds the authority to originate truth, which is the alpha or beginning of law formation. Active intelligence provides power; it is the branch which holds the power to confirm and execute truth, which is the omega or end of law formation. Together, these interdependent branches produce all natural (or physical) laws. This design reveals more about the true nature of our universe than has ever before been considered in the realm of science, by allowing us to uncover the designated process by which all natural laws are created. Because of this process, the universe in its entirety now has a scientifically substantiated purpose and function. The purpose of static and active intelligence is to become unified, and their joint function is to create and execute truth, or make law. In short, the fundamental construct of the universe is a government; its sole function is the creation and execution of law.


Since human beings are the only forms of active intelligence with the ability to discern mathematical truth and are therefore the only life forms capable of comprehending, confirming and executing natural law, it is entirely logical to assume that the government of the universe is a union of static truth and human intelligence, with static mathematical truth providing the origin of law and human beings providing the liberty, or the confirmation and execution of the law in which the law becomes complete. This simple description of government provides yet another astonishing revelation. Everything in our universe, from the largest star to the smallest subatomic particle, subsists on human liberty. Without human beings, nothing could exist physically, as static truth can create nothing of itself but is interdependent on the power of human liberty for creative organization.

The fact that things exist physically, are intelligently designed, and adhere to natural laws informs us that a government made up of static and human intelligence already exists. The proven law of equality now enables us to make our very first scientific classification: The name of this unified government is what we call “God.” God is the name or title of the marriage, or union, of static truth and human intelligence, and as an institution possessing the keys of both authority and power, is responsible for the confirmation and execution of static truth, including the creation of elemental active intelligence and its subsequent organization into living organisms. This explains why all things exist according to ordered law (or intelligent design): because all things are products of a government institution whose sole function is the creation and execution of law.

The knowledge of this foundational government is the most important piece of information any human being can possibly obtain. Its existence reveals that the purpose and function of man is the same as the purpose and function of God. It is man’s purpose and function to create and execute law in the same manner as does the universe – within governments constituted according to the pattern the universe has established. Because the definition of God is based on natural law, it is now possible to make scientific statements that we could not make before. It is a scientific fact that all things are intelligently designed by God. It is a scientific fact that God is a government institution made up of static and human intelligence (due to the fact that no other intelligence can comprehend natural law). It is a scientific fact that God is the source of all creation, and operates in the language of mathematical truth, or natural law. It is a scientific fact that Godis a government constituted of equal and interdependent branches. These statements, though verifiably true, only offer superficial information about the institution of God. What we need now are the specifics.

What is the constitution of “God?”


To study the constitution of God, let us start with what we already know. Initially, there exist only two equal interdependent branches of intelligence, each with their own unique contribution to the legislative process. Each branch possesses its own key – the key to originate law or the key to confirm and execute law. The universal necessity of these two keys for law formation demonstrates ironically that there is a natural law governing law creation, which requires all forms of government to be constituted in a specific way. The natural law is the equal interdependence of authority and power; that which originates law has no power to confirm and execute it, and that which confirms and executes law has no authority to originate it. This is the fundamental check and balance between authority and power that static and active (or in this case, human) intelligence inherently possess upon each other.


A closer look at this construct reveals that although the universe is separated by two intelligence types, government does not and cannot function with only two branches, due to the nature of the intelligence involved. Because static intelligence is intangible and therefore does not have power to express itself in any physical way, human intelligence cannot confirm and execute law directly from this branch. For this reason, static truth must first be authored into legible statements or formulas by active intelligence before such statements can be confirmed and executed. This necessitates the formation of an active legislative branch to succeed the static branch in physically authoring the mathematical truth of the universe. After static truth has been actively authored by a legislative branch, this same branch cannot proceed to confirm and execute the law it has just authored, lest it violate the universally distinct separation of authority and power. For this reason, a third and final executive branch must then succeed the legislative branch in authorizing (or confirming) and executing the laws that have been authored.

All together, government constituted by natural law is a combination of three keys, or a union of the three separate and equal branches necessary for law formation, arranged in the progressive order of static to active. The first branch is the static truth from which all laws are originated. The second branch is the active legislative branch, or the branch that holds the authority to author static truth into written laws. The third and final branch is the active executive branch, which holds the power to confirm and execute the laws received by the legislative branch. This knowledge leads us to our second scientific classification: God, the universal government responsible for the creation of all natural law and all physical organisms, is a Republic, or a representative government which operates according to the rule of natural law.

Unfortunately, the image of this government does not add up – so far. There are two perplexing issues, one logical and the other mathematical, that must be resolved before we can begin to understand this arrangement in its entirety. The logical issue is, how can static and active intelligence form a unified government in the first place?

The fact that static intelligence is truly static and does not exist physically poses a problem for its intended unification with active human intelligence. Human beings cannot physically unify with something that is intangible. For this reason, human intelligence must come to represent the union of static and active intelligence in government, which requires active intelligence to act, or represent, each key in the process of law formation. It is easiest to comprehend this type of representation using the two active branches of government as examples, which are the legislative and the executive. Although human intelligence cannot originate law of itself, no form of government can function without the written law. Therefore, human beings must act, or represent, the static universe in this regard. The legislative branch of every government represents authority, or the authoring of law, even though human beings do not possess universal authority. The authored laws are then passed to the executive branch which represents the power of human liberty, or the power of human intelligence to judge the correctness of the authored law by analyzing its concurrence with mathematical truth. True laws are confirmed and executed by the power of the executive branch; false laws are rejected. The fact that these two active branches are representative of both authority and power leads us to our second issue.

The second problem we encounter is a mathematical one: if both the authority and power keys are represented by the legislative and executive branches respectively, what key does the static branch possess in a republic? If there are only two keys, or parts, to legislation in the universe but three keys are required for government function, then this must mean that one of the keys of either authority or power is represented twice, causing a potential imbalance in a government supposedly based on equality. Let us now consider the function of the static branch to uncover whether this republic is imbalanced in favor of authority or power.

The static branch in a republic is the branch responsible for the origination of mathematical truth, the initial element of law. As the origin of mathematics, it is responsible for the association of truth to endurance and life and falseness to destruction and death, a manifestation of its own sagacious nature. By mathematically associating truth with life and falsehood with death, the static universe has secured an ironclad defense against active branches that create and execute false law: all active intelligence engaged in authoring and executing false law, or law which does not concur with mathematical truth, are statically sentenced to destruction and death. Conversely, active intelligence which author and execute true laws endure continuously, or live eternally. The association of truth to life and falseness to death reveals that the function of the static branch in a republic is judicial by nature. Static truth serves as a binary judge of the active legislative and executive branches, by assigning an outcome of life or death to each law that is passed. Those that concur with the mathematical law of equality allow the government to live another day. However, the enactment of a single instance of inequality will mathematically trigger that government’s demise. This is the check and balance that the static branch possesses against the dual active branches that succeed it. But the question still remains, which key does the judicial branch hold?

Here is an opportune moment to showcase human liberty – humans are fully capable of using logic and judgment to discern truth from a source that cannot speak. The mathematical association of truth to life and falseness to death is the only clue as to which key the judicial branch of government possesses, a clue that is readily discerned. Mathematical associations are, in fact, laws. The assignment of truth to life and falseness to death is thoroughly enacted legislation, or what is known as natural law. This leads us to a single, logical conclusion: because all established laws are the product of both authority and power, the key of the judicial branch must be a combination of authority and power, or one key made from two. This means that the judicial branch in a republic is made up of an authority branch and power branch that have been previously united, and jointly represent the static intelligence of the universe in contrast to the two active branches. Because this branch is made up of two keys sealed together, it will be referred to as the sealing key, not only because it is a sealed union itself but because this preeminent key serves as a sealing agent for the dual active keys that succeed it. The sealing, or judicial branch allows all three branches to function as one entity or government, and carries the archetype for the government it has joined together. The sealing key is made up of unified human intelligence representing authority and power which has also been unified by a sealing branch of human intelligence representing authority and power, a recursive pattern that has no beginning which will repeat itself to no end.

The resolution of these two issues allows the constitution of “God” to finally come into focus. The fact that all branches of a Republic are occupied by human intelligence settles the problematic tangible-to-intangible unification issue. In a Republic, human intelligence joins with other human intelligence in a perfect representation of the static-active union, and must take on the specific characteristics of the intelligence type or keythat they represent. The mathematical issue is also resolved in that the judicial branch of a Republic is self-similar to the government as a whole. This reveals that a tri-branched Republic is not imbalanced in favor of authority or power, but is in fact a perfectly balanced, perfectly functional, self-replicating institution. Here is the basic geometric image of the republic we have just described:




Because the judicial branch is a unified authority and power key in and of itself, it is an exact replica of the government as a whole. Here is the specific geometric image of this republic:



Those who are familiar with mathematics or biological sciences might have already identified the pattern expressed in this government. Any self-similar object, or “geometric shape that can be subdivided into parts, each of which is a smaller copy of the whole1” is known as a fractal (short for “fractional dimension”). Fractals are often associated with recursive operations on shapes or sets of numbers, in which the result of the operation is used as the input to the same operation, repeating the process indefinitely2. Fractal geometry is a relatively recent discovery 3, and its discoverers have gone on to demonstrate that the seemingly complex patterns and designs found in nature, from ferns to coastlines, are all generated by simple recursive mathematical formulas. It should then come as no surprise to discover that God, the universal government responsible for authoring and executing all mathematical truth, should bear the same self-similarity it is responsible for establishing. If nature itself is designed according to self-similar mathematical equations, then it is only logical that the institution responsible for creating nature in such a manner is itself a self-similar, self-replicating institution. Due to the fact that all fractals render visible designs, not only do we have a natural law proving the existence of God, but we also have a way to render the mathematical image of God using its three-key pattern. In this case, the fractal image of God is a perfect match to what is known to mathematicians as the “Sierpinski Triangle4.” Here is the static design of a Sierpinski triangle, along with a progressive formation to further illustrate its pattern.




These illustrations make it easier to understand the constitution of God, in that it is a grouping of three equal keys (each equilateral triangle is equal in size to the others), each of which are infinitely divided and multiplied by the same three-key pattern. The infinite scale of this government is evident in this animated image:

animated gif


The most significant aspect of God’s infinite scale is that the source of natural law cannot be traced back to any single intelligence or being. Natural law is produced by the unification of three keys – an authority and power key sealed together by a unified authority and power key – which means that there is no one being responsible for the creation of law. This provides astonishing insight into the nature and function of God, in that God cannot be nor can ever become a tyrannical form of government, but is an institution designed to function perfectly and eternally in the process of law formation according to the checks and balances inherent to each key. Equality is an obvious element to God’s design, in that if any of the branches of government were to become imbalanced in relation to another, or in geometric terms if any of the triangles became bigger, smaller, or in any way different than the others, the fractal would become dysfunctional and self-destructive. Equality is literally the law that determines the life or death of God, man, government and law. Just as man is created equal by God and required by law to maintain this equality, so is God created equal by natural law and is likewise required to maintain its equality in function. This means that just as the constitution of man is formed by the law of equality, or (God > man) and (man = man), so is the constitution of God formed by the law of equality, only in this case the formula’s variables are replaced by the proper subjects. In man’s case, God is the creator of law, which created man as equals. In God’s case, eternal law is the creator of God, which created God as equals. This means that the equality law that constitutes the government of God is the same as the equality law that constitutes the government of man, the only difference being the subjects represented in the formula.


Let’s compare these two laws side by side. Here is the already established equality law whereby man operates:



(God > man) and (man = man) = equality



Which is identical to the formula whereby God operates:



(Eternal Law > God) and (God = God) = equality



 Now that we know that God is a recursive pattern, “Eternal law” is simply the government that created God, much like God is simply the government that created man. Therefore, it is man’s purpose and function to become a reiteration of this same pattern – an equally branched government which carries the necessary keys to author and execute the laws established by God. This means that it is man’s purpose to literally become as God, which is an eternally functioning republic that serves as Creator and sealing agent for future eternally functioning republics. Man is designed to become sealed to God as one of these future eternally functioning republics, and to repeat this sealing pattern after acquiring the image, keys, and title of God. This accession is a science in and of itself which will be discussed at great detail in future posts.


For now, let us summarize the basic facts that the law of equality has proven thus far, which concern these five subjects: God, man, government, law, and also equality itself.




The law of equality has provided us with the actual definition of equality, which is (God > man) and (man = man).




Law is static mathematical truth authored and ratified by human intelligence.




Government is the institution responsible for producing law, which is a unified body comprised of the three separate and equal branches necessary for law formation.




Man is the active intelligence designed to constitute government according to the law of equality by representing or holding the keys necessary to its function.




God is a unified and everlasting fractal Republic constituted by the law of equality that retains the keys to create and execute natural law on a continuous, universal scale.


Due to the rediscovery of a single natural law, each of these historically indefinite subjects are now defined in absolute terms, effectively unveiling five new branches of scientific study. This law adds to the scope of human intelligence by enabling us to obtain the knowledge of what law is, and what law is not; what government is, and what government is not; what man is, and what man is not; what God is, and what God is not. It is by this law that we are able to determine the truth or falsehood of all human thought, action or belief, a determination that applies to all of man’s religious, political, sociological, moral, economic, and cultural philosophies. In other words, it is by this law that right and wrong, good and evil, truth or falsehood, on or off, and life or death is defined. This law tells us everything we need to know about God, man, government and law, and by its formula alone is a legitimate republic established. It is no coincidence that the republic of the United States is patterned after the republic of God, seeing as how they are constituted according to the exact same natural law. Of course, the remaining element in a universe constructed of law is whether or not such laws are acknowledged and implemented. The United States possesses the only legitimately constituted form of government upon the face of the Earth due to a single correctly authored founding law. Whether this government functions or malfunctions, endures or degenerates, lives or dies is wholly dependent on the power of human liberty, a power that persists only in the confirmation and execution of its founding law. True to the words of the beloved American hymn, our liberty endures in law.






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